Court Reporting:

At Synergy, we provide accurate and reliable court reporting services that cater to your specific needs. Our highly skilled stenographers have experience in a wide range of litigation practice areas, including personal injury, medical malpractice, employment, civil rights, intellectual property, and more. We pride ourselves in offering personalized service, pairing you with the best reporter for your case, and aiming to anticipate your needs at every turn. The result is a seamless experience from scheduling to transcript delivery. While many firms are turning to digital reporting, we remain committed to stenography—now, and always.

Realtime Court Reporting:

Interactive realtime court reporting is the live translation of a stenographer’s stenotype into readable text. This additional service allows clients to connect to our realtime reporters’ feed and immediately view draft testimony on a laptop or tablet, with the ability to flag and search text while on the record.

Audio Transcription:

At Synergy, we will transcribe your audio recordings into certified legal transcripts and internal work product, depending on your needs. Legal proceedings, meetings, interviews, and phone calls—you name it, we will handle it with accuracy and ease.

"In litigation, nothing short of perfection is acceptable. That's why Synergy Legal is my preferred court reporting service, and has been for the past 10 years."

~ Michael Fuller


Synergy Legal is committed to providing you with court reporters that are:

  •   Accurate
  •   Matched to your case
  •   Professional and friendly
  •   Veteran experience
  •   Dependable


Our transcripts are produced in a no-nonsense, 3-hole binding for easy duplication.  We provide the following with each transcript ordered complimentary: