Legal Videography:

There’s no disputing the power of an image. Recording your depositions can make a significant difference in settlement negotiations and courtroom presentation. At Synergy, we have an in-house team of legal videographers with the talent and technology you need to create compelling images for your case—on time, and on budget. You can expect the highest quality cameras, microphones, and professional backdrops to ensure video/audio quality and continuity.

Our videographers are experienced in a wide range of services, from capturing deposition testimony—both in person and by remote video conference—to site inspections, accident reconstruction, inventories, and day in the life.

Synchronized Digital Video Transcripts:

Following the deposition, Synergy can electronically synchronize the video recording with your transcript, enabling you to simultaneously view both. Synchronized video transcripts reduce review time and simplify clip preparation for trial.

Trial Support:

Our experienced legal video technicians allow clients to focus on the courtroom and conveying their case, without worrying about technical issues. We provide pre-trial consulting, courtroom exhibit presentation, and custom deposition clips with synchronized transcripts. When it comes to technology in the courtroom, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, if not anticipated and prepared for. Having peace of mind and effective visuals is a service many long-standing clients swear by.

"Synergy Legal is the Gold Standard in litigation support services. Whether it’s court reporting, video conferencing, transcription services, or trial support, I can’t imagine litigating without Synergy Legal on my team. They are absolutely essential to my practice."

~ Ronn Elzinga

Our Standard Video Deposition Package Includes

  • Videographer on site and set up in advance of scheduled start time
  • Mic on deponent and counsel
  • Additional lighting when room lighting is insufficient
  • Backdrops as needed to meet CCP requirements

Additional Deposition Services

  • Digital video with transcript synchronization
  • Computer generated titles and text
  • Audio enhancement for dialogue audibility
  • Photos from video images of any size or format
  • Video transfers to DVD